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Advanced Computer-Integrated Rehab

Baseline Testing

Clients attending Leading Edge Physiotherapy Centre Inc. are often tested using the BTE Functional Testing in order to establish an objective baseline of ability and monitor progress. Results are used to determine treatment goals and the duration of rehabilitation. In addition, functional testing is used as the objective basis to recommend an appropriate and expedient return to work and activities.

Therapy Tracking and Evaluation

Progress in a rehabilitation program is monitored by testing specific to each individual's injuries and goals. Results are based as part of Leading Edge Physiotherapy Centre Inc.'s rehabilitation programs as part of tracking improvement.

positional tolerance testing demo
therapeutic gym exercise demo

Work Hardening and Work Conditioning

Work tasks that replicate the physical demands of a specific job can be developed using the BTE Functional Testing System to measure an individual’s capacity to successfully complete job tasks. These tasks are used in work conditioning and hardening programs to improve the individual’s capabilities in order to achieve a successful return to function. These programs recognize that the individual's endurance may have been diminished during the recovery period following injury.

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Thorough assessments and customized treatment plans

Your Go-to Computer Integrated Rehab

We offer dynamic rehabilitation programs that include establishing baseline ability, monitoring progress and introducing work tasks. 

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