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Our Services

Our services start with a thorough assessment to ensure each client has a customized treatment specific to their needs. Our individualized plans utilize a variety of methods such as manual therapy, certified ART®, modalities and access to our fully therapeutic gym.

Fully Equipped Therapeutic Gym

We provide excellent treatment using a fully equipped therapeutic gym. Let us get you back on the job with our work hardening program. Leading Edge Physiotherapy Centre Inc. utilizes the BTE Functional Testing System for accurate baseline and return to functional testing.

therapeutic gym overview

What We Do:

Thorough assessments
Individualized treatment
Certified active release therapy
Manual therapy
Job analysis/ergonomic evaluations
Work hardening programs
Mobilization techniques
Treatment using a fully equipped therapeutic gym
Vestibular rehabilitation
interferential current


Medi-flow water pillows
Lower back and neck supports
Postural braces
Ice packs
exercise assistance

Make an Appointment

Thorough assessments and customized treatment plans

Active Release Therapy®

Hurt muscles or other problems? Active Release Techniques® can restore mobility and reduce symptoms

Advanced Computer Integrated Rehab

Our rehabilitation programs effectively establish a baseline of ability and monitor your progress throughout

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