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Advanced Computer-Integrated Rehab

Baseline Testing

Clients attending Leading Edge Physiotherapy Centre are tested at the beginning of and during active rehabilitation programs in order to establish a baseline of ability and to monitor progress. Results are used to determine treatment goals and duration of rehabilitation. In addition, functional testing is used as the objective basis to recommend an appropriate and expedient return to work.

Therapy Tracking and Evaluation

Progress in a rehabilitation program is documented by impairment and individual-specific testing. Results are used as part of Leading Edge Physiotherapy Centre’s rehabilitation programs or to objectively monitor the progress of an individual receiving rehabilitation elsewhere.

Work Hardening and Work Conditioning

Work tasks that replicate the physical demands of a specific job can be developed using the Hanoun ER System to measure an individual’s capacity to successfully undertake the job. These tasks are used in work conditioning and hardening programs to improve the individual’s capabilities in order to achieve a successful return to work. These programs recognize that the employee’s endurance may have been diminished during the recovery period following injury.

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