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Functional Testing


Hanoun ER System

Leading Edge Physiotherapy Centre Inc.’s functional evaluations and unbiased testing use the latest technology. Our Hanoun ER System provides customized functional evaluations using peer-reviewed protocols to ensure reliable and relevant outcomes. It can be used to determine issues of varying complexity, such as employment and workplace suitability, rehabilitation potential or disability determination.

Customized Functional Evaluations

Functional evaluations are customized based on the nature of the referral question.

   • Can the individual return to work 

      (modified or not)?

   • What is the impact of the injury upon the individual?

   • What is the extent of progress in the rehabilitation  program?

These questions are addressed and answered. When requested, the results of functional evaluations can be used in designing goal-oriented rehabilitation programs.

Methods Time Measurement (MTM) Standards

MTM is the industrial engineering-based method to determine time-motion performance in conjunction with work-related activities. It is used for the evaluation of positional tolerances during the performance of functional activities. Our Functional Range of Motion (FROM) system is used in the evaluation of positional tolerances over three different frequencies (occasional, frequent and constant).

Times Converted to MTM Standard

Times are converted to the internationally recognized MTM standard, thereby providing the evaluator with the greatest predictive validity. The FROM system has 16 MTM protocols for the evaluation of positional tolerances during the performance of functional activities.


Our KFME system, which also uses MTM standards, has 24 protocols for evaluation of motor coordination, finger dexterity, manual dexterity and eye-hand-foot coordination.

Universal Task Master (UTM)

The UTM is the only tool that measures both right and left forces simultaneously but independently of one another, providing a true representation of any compensatory biomechanical leveraging by the individual.

EPIC Lift Capacity

Widely accepted as the “Gold Standard” of lifting protocols, the ELC is the only peer-reviewed published lift protocol to measure all three domains of function (biomechanical, physiological and psychophysical). The ELC has never been successfully challenged in court. In other words, it is unimpeachable.

Man with machine

Focus Clinical

The core of the system is totally computer integrated featuring the following:

   • Two independent shelves

   • Force measurement tools for total body strength evaluation

   • Handgrip

   • Pinch grip

   • Goniometer

   • Dual inclinometer with small goniometer capability

   • Pressure algometer for point tenderness

   • ODES operating software system


Reporting Format

All functional testing results are presented in a jargon-free style understandable by all parties. The goals of our functional evaluations are to provide accurate results and to address the referral questions.

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